Getting started with Processing and tramontana:

  • Download tramontana for iOS (or in the AppStore on your phone) or for Android
  • Download the latest version of Processing
  • Download the tramontana library and the websocket library (video how to do it here)

  • Put your phone and your computer on the same wifi network!

Now let’s start to write our first sketch:

The first thing you need to write is to import the libraries:

import tramontana.library.*;

import websockets.*;

Then create an instance of Tramontana:

Tramontana device;

In the setup method open the connection with your device, open the tramontana app on your phone and change the ip address in the line below with your device’s one:

void setup(){

t = new Tramontana(this,"");


Now you are ready to give the first instruction to your device, you can try something like:

void mousePressed(){



On mouse pressed this will make your device vibrate!

Congratulations, you created your first interactive experience!

If you are curious of what is next to learn about tramontana I suggest you look at the examples here: