Getting started with tramontana and p5js:

Load the libraries in your html file:
<!-- import jquery --> <script src=""></script>
<!-- import p5js --> <script src=""></script>
<!-- import tramontana --> <script src="tramontana_min.js"></script>

Now you can create a new tramontana object that links to your device.
var device = new tramontana();

In the setup function you can call the start function of tramontana, that accepts 2 parameters. The first one is the ipAddress of your device (that you can see on your device, and the second is a callback function that is called if the connection succeed or fails. If the error is undefined the connection is successful and you can do a lot of things with tramontana, like for instance trigger the haptic engine of the device.
function setup(){ createCanvas(600, 600); device.start("", function(e){

function draw()
rect(10,10,100,100); }

You can check more examples here: